Our practice Specialities

Banking and Finance

Our clients can benefit from our large experience in the finance industry, which qualifies us to offer the best practical solutions for both legal and business matters.

Our law firm provides a large array of legal services for companies in the financial sector, as well as non-financial service businesses of all kinds, in issues related to banking and finance.

We monitor all legislative developments and assess their impact on business strategies and governance models. We can advise on the set up, design, implementation and modification of financial products, we draft and review legal documentation, policy and governance papers and assist in obtaining authorizations and dealing with financial supervisory authorities. More so, we perform legal analyses, implement and optimize internal policies and regulations for financial institutions, making sure they comply with all legal requirements.

Commercial and Contract Law

Commercial agreements are the backbone of any business. Well-written contracts are crucial to all companies, large and small, as they protect the business’ interests, minimise risks and make doing business clear and stress-free. Also, whatever commercial projects our clients might have, we build a strong legal structure around them, making sure their undertakings are successful and without risks.

Our team has the expertise to draft any type of commercial contract, all the while making sure that the agreements are clear and comprehensive.

More so, we can assist companies in general commercial matters and cater to their day-to-day commercial law needs.

Corporate Law

No matter the type of company or the field it activates in or what kind of transactions, investments or deals it makes, good corporate law is at the core of any business activity. A company needs to have a good, lawful corporate structure, to make sure that its corporate operations are correct, compliant and effective.

We treat each matter with the outmost attention, down to the smallest of details. Our team of specialists is both highly qualified and ready to take on any task. Our high expertise in both business and law allows us to help any company achieve its business goals.

Debt Recovery and Insolvency

Our law firm specializes in all aspects of debt recovery, from early demands and payments negotiations to debt recovery litigation. We take the necessary time to understand your business and to create a strategy that properly considers your commercial, strategic, reputational and legal needs. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with innovative strategies and a strong game plan to make sure you recover your losses.

In the restructuring and insolvency fields, we have a very good level of commercial awareness and communication skills that help us to deal with people in difficult situations and to work with other professionals involved into the process (from liquidators to accountants). Our approach is outcome-driven and we always look to provide the best advice and solutions to our clients.

Intellectual Property

We make a point of protecting ideas and innovation.

We drafting and negotiate assignment and licensing contracts (patents, trademarks, copyright), audiovisual production contracts and more. We offer legal assistance and representation in court for both claimants and defendants in connection with intellectual property (copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial design, utility models) infringement claims, claims for cancellation of industrial property titles (patents, trademarks, industrial design, utility models), and litigation regarding unfair competition by confusingly similar trademarks, logos, promotion, packaging and advertising.


ICT law is a distinct field of law. There is no single body of law which can be called ICT law, and it is, at the same time, it’s own field and a combination of many other fields. ICT law comprises elements of various fields of law, such as contract law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law, intellectual property law, consumer protection law, criminal law, tax law, telecommunications law, data protection law, etc. Due to the complicated nature of ICT law and to the fact that it includes so many aspects of law, it is imperative that ICT contracts be very clearly and cleverly structured, in order to protect your rights, on one hand, and to allow an ongoing relationship between the parties, on the other. All ICT contracts refer to the relationship between IT vendors and their clients, and as such every IT vendor should have very well structured contracts in place, to protect them from any issues that might arise in the future.

Thanks to the experience we’ve gained over the years as Patent Attorneys, members of the Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys since 2006, we can look on your legal concern from a broad perspective and we can draft, review or negotiate a wide range of ICT contracts: license agreements, SaaS agreements, IT service agreements, service level agreements, support and maintenance agreements, professional service agreement and so on.

Labor & Employment

The relationship between employers and employees is one of the main forces that drives business growth. That is why we help both prevent, address and solve a variety of issues related to their labor relationship.

Whether it’s drafting individual and collective labor agreements, internal company rules and policies, employment and management contracts, or business reorganization and labor litigations, our team can help clients to overcome any obstacles that they face in this field, using expertise gained both in court, but also in day-to-day consultancy.

Legal Subscription Services

Grow your business by accessing our legal subscription services! If your business needs ongoing legal support, we can provide subscription-based services tailored to your business’ particular needs.

The basic package starts at 10 hours of legal services per month and can grow to whatever you feel it needs to.
The services include, but are not limited to: drafting and verifying of commercial contracts and agreements, business advice and consultancy, human resources law, corporate issues, rules and regulations specific to the business' field of activity, banking and finance, intellectual property and more.

You can go as far as to outsource your company's whole legal service management, all the while paying a predictable monthly price, customized to your business and legal needs. You can end up paying less than you would if you employed an in-house legal department, which you, the manager, will need to manage and be responsible of. You get access to an entire legal team of professionals that manages itself, which leaves you with time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Litigation and Arbitration

We are well aware that it's always better to prevent than to treat and that going to court should be the last option for a client. But should this be inevitable, we have the know-how and experience to come up with the best strategy to approach our clients' legal disputes, in order to protect their rights and maximize their chances of a favorable decision. We have experience and expertise built upon an extensive range of civil, commercial, intellectual property, contentious, labor and fiscal disputes, on all jurisdiction levels.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The due diligence process is crucial for mergers and acquisitions. We do that and more: we perform in-depth investigations of business to identify any surprise liabilities for which might raise issues for the new owner.

Within the due diligence process, we review corporate documents, agreements, licenses and permits, major assets and liabilities - including pending and current lawsuits, and any customer complaints which might turn into legal cases or might become detrimental to the business. We draft the transaction structure and the contractual framework and plan for proper implementation. Also, where the law requires it, we assist and represent the client in the process of preparation and submission of notifications to the Competition Counsel.

Real Estate and Construction

We have relevant practice in the procedures of structuring the due-diligence report, delivering all the necessary information about the legal documentation and urbanistic plan of the real estate projects. We assist our clients in dealing with the administrative procedures - such as obtaining and/or defending of the building permits, but also in the fiscal aspects of the investments.

We can provide extensive assistance during the negotiation process by providing flexible and creative solutions and also offering an integrated approach with the financing aspects.

White-collar crime

We have the necessary expertise and resources to support our clients when they are affected by the consequences of all types of crimes in connection with business: tax evasion, money laundering, bribery, copyright infringement, cybercrime etc. Usually it takes a high level of intelligence to commit white collar crime and sophisticated knowledge is required both to defend or to prove such a case. Our business expertise allow us to know how to approach those cases, both during the criminal investigation procedures and in Courts.

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